i install one OES Linux SP2 like i did many times. I want NSS volumes so i
create the EVMS volumes, change the fstab and boot.evms files, and change
the run level of boot.lvm and boot.md. Now, when i want create the NSS,
when i am installing the novell‑rpm‑4.9.9....rpm it gives one error and
cant install. In details i saw the follow: 2006-08-17 00:55:13
novell-nss-4.9.9-1.i586.rpm install failed
rpm output:
warning: /opt/novell/nss/conf/nssstart.cfg saved as
warning: /opt/novell/nss/conf/trustees.xml saved as
error: unpacking of archive failed on file /var/log/novell: cpio: rename
failed - Is a directory

I never had this problem. i already change the CDs media.

The server is one HP ML 110G3 with raid 1. With the same machine the
volumes NSS already work well. With this new installation i have this

Thank you