I have an OES SP2 Linux based Installation. I installed it as minimum
system without KDE. Only eDirectory was additional selected.
Until a few days the complete update via rug worked fine.
Now I get an error because of "Unresolved dependencies". Rug has an problem
updating red-carpet package. Here is the console output:

ERROR: Unresolved dependencies:

Upgrading red-carpet-2.4.9-1.7.1 => red-carpet-2.4.9-1.13[oes]
There are no installable providers of (any)kdebase3[[Any]] for
kdebase3-3.2.1-68.46[oes] provides kdebase3-3.2.1-68.46, but it is
uninstallable. Try installing it on its own for more details.
red-carpet-2.4.9-1.13 is scheduled to be installed, but this is not
possible because of dependency problems.
Marking this resolution attempt as invalid.

It look like red-carpet need's KDE to work. Is this an issue, or am I doing
something wrong?

Kind regards
Christian Fliegner