New build from iso OES Linux SP2.
Error message during eDirectory installation

Error: Unable to bind to eDirectory through LDAP

Stopped at 58 percent. Started over many times. Finally decided to
the server name to avoid any nds issues.

Re-installed OES Linux SP2 and without configuring eDirectory on the

Created 2 certificates SSL Certificate and DNS Certificate.
Got to 75 %

Forgot to change the server name in DNS. Changed that and selected
2" which is the try again without starting over option.

Got to 83 %

Waited for a while then saw the core server acknowledged the presence
of the
new server and took "Option 2" again.

Got to 91 % It stopped at configuring NMAS

Installing in an existing tree. Core server is OES NetWare 6.5 SP5.
eDirectory 8.737.

Any help would be appreciated.