We're beginning to look at SLES, with some limited experience with home
Linux implementations, and have been trying to find some typical
installation scenarios that can assist with getting through some of the
initial questions that are posed when performing an installation.
While choice can be good, it is impossible to weed through every option
effectively and we simply have yet to find what we're looking for via
google, doc's, sites, but we're willing to learn.

We're initially looking at using SLES for the typical services we run
on native NetWare...file/print, replica servers, etc. What would be
some typical guidelines based on experience for things like...

File system (reiser, NFS, ext2, ext3)?

What is a standard for swap space (i.e., 2x the RAM)?



Partition sizes and recommendations (for example, on NetWare we have
standards based on hardware, disk, function, etc.)?