I have been running a Novell network in the office for many years. Server
is now a NetWare 6.5 SP4 box (OES). I have also built and have in the tree
an OES Linux (SLES9 SP2) box. eDir is installed on the server and both it
and the NetWare box are "talking". Server is running LVMS so that NSS
partitions can be installed. Server is RAID5 with hardware RAID supported
natively by OES/SLES9

SLP is installed on the NetWare box.

Workstations are SLED10 and Windows XP, all using the Novell client. I have
printed all the documentation I can find but don't have a logical series of
steps to: Install netware services ( file/print) on OES Linux
Probably install Groupwise
Move SLP to OES Linux box

Once the OSE/Linux box is setup I intend to remove the current 6.5SP4 box.
If someone can point me at appropriate documents and pages I would greatly
appreciate it. If someone has written this out privately (because to many
people have been asking) I would sincerley appreciate it.


Harry Lipkind