Hello NG

On our Suse OES it was possible to create a share of a Linux folder, with
the Remote Manager. After patching the server, the menu in Remote Manager is
not more present. I can`t create shares. Example: I would like to share the
folder /opt/groupwise with the Share name GW. Then in ConsoleOne make a Map
to the GW Share to drive G:

How can I reinstall the Snapin in Remote Manager? So that I can share the

A second problem is, that when i try to configure the NSS Storage I receive
the following error message

Product NSS can not be installed and/or configured until the following
products are installed ["Novell OES Base", Novell Backup Services (SMS)"] Do
you want to install them too?

How can I solve this problem? I need urgently to create shares

Thank you in advance for your help

Ramon Lustrati