I have a customer wanting to upgrade from SBS 6.5 to Open Workgroup Suite\
OES Linux. They have only one server, no budget for more hardware, and
because of a mission critical application, need a Linux server. The ability
to stay with a trused vendor like Novell and still get Linux was how we were
able to seel them on the upgrade.

I understand that the migration utility will allow a migration to new
hardware, but given that Linux and NW are different animals, I'm guessing
that an in-place upgrade is impossible, but since both are Novell products,
I'm holding onto a faint glimmer of hope that maybe, just perhaps, if the
moon and stars are correctly aligned...

Does this mean I'll have to back everything up, blow away the existing NW
server, install OES Linux, and restore, or is there a simpler way?