Installed SLES10 64bit on a Compaq 5150 with Athlon 64x2 & 1gb.

Removed 1gb (2 x 512) and replaced with 4 x 1gb.

Rebooted to see if it would recognize the 4Gb memory.

Bios post recognized it, but sles only seemed to see 3gb

During boot I checked the bios and noticed the following setting in advanced
Chipset config:
Memory Hole Remapping (use with 64bit OS and 4GB memory)

It was disabled and I enabled it to see if that might do the trick.

After that setting change (not sure if it is the cause though) the server
boots only into maintenance mode.

I rebooted the server once more and set the Bios setting back to 'disabled',
but the server still only boots to maintenance mode, reporting the same

1 - What should the above bios setting be?

2 - Is there something special which needs to be done for the os to "see"
all 4gb?