Hello All,

I decided to have another crack at this despite mentioning in an earlier
post that I was ready to throw the towel in!!!

Ok, my test environment has been rebuilt with NW5.0 servers. I am ready to
ready to introduce a OES Linux box into the same tree having ran tool that
prepares the NDS and Schema for a OES server. I will then use the
consolidation tool to migrate users and data over onto the OES Linux box.

My ongoing research into this migration path NW5.0--->OES Linux has
uncovered the following information;

"isolate those servers in their own replica rings, so that they don't share
a partition with an eDirectory server..."

"moving the older servers to a separate partion of the tree, if bindery
emulation or some other item doesn't require any local replicas.."

Both of the above comments were taken from

Can someone please explain these - how do you isolate servers and move
servers to a separate partition? Also, will the Server
Consolidation/Migration wizard work with NW5.0 edir 8.5.1?

Thank you for your comments.