We are installing the evaluation of Novell OpenEnterprise Server (Linux)
which includes eDirectory. We leave the defaults as they are through the
entire process and followed documenation provided via the install
instructions online.

As we get to the section labeled "Perform eDirectory Configuration." the
system seems to go through a good bit of installation and gets so far as
"Configure and start eDirectory using "ndsconfig."

But when the system gets to Wait for eDirecotyr to respond to LDAP
requests, it has an error. The error says something along the lines of
"Cannot start eDirectory." After clicking "OK" we get another error saying:
ndsconfig failed to configure and start eDirectory.
The output of ndsconfig follows:Novell eDirectory LDAP Server TCP port is
not listening.
eDirectory LDAP Server TLS port is not listening.

There additional information below but it all looks like a portion of the
log where it notes that certain congurations were being done. They all
were listed as successful.

We have not been given any opportunity as of yet to put in a listening port
although the installation directions mention it as an option, presumably
after we get through the portion were getting the hangup.

What is wrong with our install?
We left everything as a default. We're installing onto a Dell PE830. We
are attempting to install an evaluation copy of Novell OES in hopes of
using Netware to administer mail, but we're getting frustrated with the
process as we've been working on it for several days and are quickly
considering scrapping the project and heading back to another OS altogether.
Please provide some help.