I'm going a bit nuts (and getting confused) browsing the forums trying
to get a solid set of guidelines as far as migrating over to OES Linux
from Netware.

We have a Dell environment of PE6650s and PE2650s and we're moving to
PE6850s and PE1955 blades for most of our Netware servers (currently a
total of 8 Netware servers, though we'll keep 1 Netware on a 1950 for
Novell Storage Manager, IDM, and the master replica) on which Dell only
certifies Linux or MS. I've gotten Netware to run on a 6850 but we're
reluctant to use non vendor supported options.

Most of my clients use client32 of either the 4.8 or 4.9 series on W/2K
or W/XP and have NMAS enabled.

Only 2 or 3 of our servers rely on directory quotes and I'm thinking of
combining 2 of those boxes. The others use basic file permissions
(read/write access) if a client needs data from that server.


With that, here are my requirement(s):

Replace each existing Netware box with an OES Linux box within my
existing tree. I don't necessarily care how I get there, but when I'm
done I want Netware Server XYZ to be Linux Server XYZ (same name, same
IP, roughly same services, but different base OS). To my end users and
Helpdesk, I don't want them to be able to tell the difference after I'm
done (so people using UNC paths, etc can still get there if they're
going directly to wherever my stuff is located). Of course as the
server admin I should be able to tell the difference about my base OS ;)

Not use virtualization (VMWare or Xen) to load an emulated Netware on a
stripped down Linux box. Kinda defeats the purpose of the shiny new


Some of the things I've picked up on so far:

- Only use NSS if you require the extra permissions, dir quotas, etc.

- If you use NSS, do it on a separate physical disk unless you want to
screw with EVMS (Physical disk separation is a non-issue for us. I can
do ext3 on my internal disks which will be RAID 1 or RAID 5 and throw
NSS partitions on my SAN if I need them)

- Go with ext3 for the file system if I don't need NSS

- Set NCP mount points for data stores so client32 can see the data just
like on a Netware box.

- The easy way of a straight server to server migration that we had in
the past for hardware upgrades with Netware doesn't currently exist
for a Netware to Linux upgrade path.

- Such a scenario as hardware upgrades is the opportune time to make the


The first server picked for this assignment is our Groupwise server.
The server handles Groupwise only and for our clients provides them
access to the install and for our Helpdesk they need to be able to get
to the domain database (simple NCP share to the domain location). We
know already that we have to manually move the GW domain with dbcopy.
The thing we're having trouble with is how do we get the tree
information over and how do we make the new server "become" the old server.

After that will be our primary file and print server. It hosts DNS and
DHCP, but I'm less concerned about those services.

We're determined to get this to work, we just want to know how to get there.


Phew, if you're still with me, first thanks for reading all the above
and second I'll take any suggestions, pointers, guidance, etc. that I
can get to help my sysadmins get there.