A few weeks ago I setup an OSE1 server with only RAID 5 with NSS (and the
required Linux partition). That lasted a couple of days until it got
scrambelled by two brief power interruptions.

I now have time to rebuid it and I plan to setup a pair of 40GB drives
(RAID 1) for the base SLES9 install and put the Novell support on the RAID
5 drives. Since the RAID controller will not be the booting controller I
need to add the appropriate driver while the system is booting.

How do I tell the install program to put the Netware support s/w on the
RAID drives? I want NCP support for NetWare and believe I need to use NSS
for this. All workstations that login use the Novell client for either
Windows or Linux.

Any suggestions you have will be appreciated.

Thank you