I'm trying to add the first OES Linux server to our existing tree (two
NW65.5 SP5 servers).

On installation of OES Linux I decided to install edirectory later
(because of an communication problem).

After the server itself was running I did a test installation of eDir
into it's own new tree and this worked fine.

Now I want to add the server into our existing tree. For this I used
YAST / Network services / eDirectory.

Acknowledged to remove existing eDir and entered the values for our
existing tree.

Wizard runs fine until "waiting for edirectory to come up", which
results in "unable to bind to edirectory through LDAP".

Tried it several times with no luck. I already looked at TID 3010235,
but also nothing that would help me.

Seems to be a common problem, as far as I can see in this newsgroup. But
I didn't find a solution for it yet.

Anything I can do to find out the reason for my problem?

Thanks in advance,