We have a problem with tomcat and LUM, where the novlwww user is given the
wrong uid, which breaks tomcat.

To explain the situation, here are two scenarios - one which works and one
which doesn't.

1) Test environment (works fine)

In my test tree, I have one server.

uid 100 is taken by netdump, so novlwww has uid 101.

I then install LUM and NSS and the local novlwww is deleted. A novlwww is
created in eDirectory, with uid 101.

So then tomcat uses the LUM novlwww account, and carries on working after
a restart.

2) Live environment (Broken)

In the live environment, we already have a novlwww account in eDirectory -
with uid 100.

A new server is installed - again netdump has grabbed uid 100, so novlww
gets uid 101.

I configure LUM and NSS, and the local novlwww account is removed. As
there is already a novlwww account in eDirectory, a new one can't be

When I restart tomcat now, it fails, as it uses the LUM novlwww account,
which has the wrong uid (100 instead of 101).

The upshot seems to be that unless you put every server in its own
container, and set the LUM search root to be that container, this could
easily break. Surely this is not how its meant to work, is it?

Am I missing something?