I have installed an OES Linux sp2, but can't seem to get updates. If I
login as root, then run rug act -s 1 mycode myemail@gmail.com it says
"Warning: System could not be activated: Can't connect - Cannot connect
to destination (http://update.novell.com/data/RPC2/redcarpet-client.php).

If I then try with an eval code (but still my email address), I get
System successfully activated. But when I go to YAST to try to get
updates, I've tried my email address and my Novell login ID, with my
Novell login password, and get a username or password error.

So I have two problems: I apparently have a bad activation code, and I
don't know what password they want if it's not my Novell login password.

No systems are showing up (evaluation or otherwise) in my Customer
Center listing. But I do see that I have two Organizations listed --
one with my proper work address, and one with my gmail. The gmail
organization only owns one copy of SLED (I believe from Brainshare)
while the work organization is showing as Entitled to OES, but with no
systems registered.