My setup.

I have a netware 6.5 server that currently all my files are stored on.
This netware server is my file and print server and holds my eDir. I
just purchased a new server and SAN to increase my file storage. I also
use this as my LDAP server for authentication from other devices. 90%
of my clients are laptops, with the other 10% being desktops. All of
these clients are running windows XP sp2. Every user has their own
login and their own drive on the server. We call it the H drive for
home directory. So when a user logs onto the network, they get several
drive mappings, one being the H drive with their personal space on the
server. Now most of my laptop users take their laptops home at night
and use the workstation only option on the novell client to login at
home. Currently my users cannot access their files on the server from
home. I have many other windows servers for various databases and other

Which OS should I install? My main use for this server will be file and
printing with some zenworks apps and iManager as well. I also use NDPS
printing instead of iPrint but that could change. Now what I am looking
for is a way to automate the backing up for the users. Currently the
users normally use sync toy to sync their my documents folders with
their H drive folder. It is a pretty simple and easy process once you
have it setup. Does iFolder offer something that makes this easier?
The iFolder info on the web points to 2.1 but if you look in the iFolder
forums, 3.6 just came out.

Should I install SLES, OES linux, netware 6.5? What are the pros and
cons of each OS? Froom what I can tell OES is a combo of netware
services and SLES. If that is the case, then to future proof my self,
wouldnt OES be the best option?

Your thoughts are very appreciated.