Looking for a way to run an iPrint server on OES and having that OES server
use the iprint client to print to its own printers.
However there is a conflict between CUPS used by the iPrint Client and iPrint.
iPrint server will not come up unless CUPS is disabled and the iPrint
client cannot load CUPS when it is not up. (Child exited with status 98)
Tried reconfiguring CUPS to a different port (632) and IP in cupsd.conf,
but unsuccesfull so far.
Anyone had experience on this ?

What I think needs to be done is configuring either iPrint or CUPS to a
secondary IP on OES. but iPrint will not let me do that during install, and
I cant find correct info on doing anything with CUPS.
I know iFolder can be installed to a secondar IP on OES so why not iPrint ?

Let me know if you have anything :-)

Kind Regards Bjørn