I have installed iPrint on OES Linux and it works fine until I reboot my
Linux server. When I do, I notice that both the DriverStore (novell-
idsd) and the PrintManager (novell-ipsmd) both start up. I cannot view
my current printers via the iPrint webpage, I cannot print to an existing
printer, and I cannot add new printers via iManager. Looking at the
PrintManager page in iManager I see that it is down. If I try to restart
it, it goes back down right away.

If I goto a shell prompt and restart the services manaually (rcnovell-
idsd restart and rcnovell-ipsmd restart), I get a failure when trying to
unload the service but the service starts up without any errors. Now I
can manage my printers and print.

Has anyone found a resolution to this issue?


Anthony Miller