faced issues adding drivers to the driver store from XP Pro SP2 to OES SP1 SLES9 via iManager.

- newly installed OES SP1 SLES 9 w/iPrint and iptables ACCEPT for all chains
- Active driver store and printer manager
- valid hostname
- SSL site working
- All other functionality of iManager is OK e.g. able to create users, printers, objects...etc.
- IE 6
- XP Pro SP2 (firewall turned off)

- error "winsock 10061 - The remote party has refused your connection"

1. Lauch iManager via IE 6.
2. Manage driver store
3. Add XP drivers from file
4. browse to CDROM and inf file.
5. Select driver type and "PCL6" - it's a HP printer
6. Error occurs and no drivers uploaded.

I had tried some suggestions from other postings:
- use another user with rights as admin (Failed too)
- add host of SLES to client machine's hosts file (Failed too)
- test if SSL is OK (Yes, my SSL is working)

James Tan