Existing system:
NW6.5 sp4 with iPrint
Print Manager was created in the time using its IP address.
So printers are installed using the IP address of the Print Manager.
The result of this is that ports on a user's workstation are created like

New system:
OES Linux SP1 with iPrint, integrated with the same eDirectory
Print Manager is installed using its DNS name. It was done to make easier
the later migration, if any.
Printers are now installed and ports are created using the DNS name of
Print Manager:
iPrint client : 4.12 or 4.11


All printers were migrated from existing to the new system. Both systems
run simultaneously.
15 test-users have been using printers via the new system since 3 weeks.
Printers were installed from
http://DNS-name-of-print-server/ipp or with iprntcmd utility


Some of users have reported that when they do Start/Parameters/Printers,
the window takes a longer
(compared to previous system) to open. They have reported the same issue
when doing File/Print from
certain,not all, Windows applis (Word, Excel, IE). Also when you go to the
properties of a new
printer, some delay is here, too. Delay is around 3-4sec.
Printing itself is excellent and stable.

The principal differences between two systems are server OS is not the
same and printer ports use
now DNS name, not IP address. So I tried to investigate DNS side, by
creating printers in different
way, like using 'iprntcmd' command-line utility, but couldn't get rid of
the delay.

As admin, I think delay can be explained by DNS name resolution, and do
not consider this issue as
huge issue, but I fear that when we start masive deployment of new
printers,users will start call the help desk.

Have you experienced the similar issue? If not do you have any ideas ?