Hi all,

Is it possible to connect a printer to LPT1 on a SLES9 server and share
this with Windows and SuSe workstations? First I had NW6.5 installed and
by putting PDS in the Gateway autoload command it checked the local
ports. Or you could configure it with NWAdmn32. Now I have the same
setup but with SLES9. I tried iPrint but just putting PDS as Gateway
doesn't work. I used NWAdmn32 from the NW6.5 CD but it won't create
NDPS/iPrint printers anymore (got the snap-in).

Is there an other way to do this? With or without iPrint or CUPS?

It's just for in my home, so that we can print from every workstation in
the house. I really don't want to buy a printbox for something that can
be resolved with software. If NW6.5 can do it, it must be possible in
SLES9 right? :)