I've setup IPP printing on our OES 9.0 SP2 server. I created the printer
store, manager and all the printers. I've installed the printers on a SuSe
Linux 10.0 workstation and all went well. I had an issue with one of the
printers, so I deleted the printer via YAST. I then went to install it
through the IPP site. When I click on the printer, it asks if I want to
install it. I say yes. It then comes back and says:

iPrint.Lib - Could not open the file.

I cannot install the printer on the Linux box. I reboot both the Linux
client and the Linux server. Still the same error message. I know this
worked before, as I installed about 7 printers from the server prior. I
also upgraded firefox and when I use that, it says the iprint client is not
installed. I install it and try again ... same issue. So I have to manage
iprint with the shipping version of Firefox. With the shipping version, I
get the iPrint.Lib error.

Please advise