Hi everyone,

I couldn't get iprntcmd to upload a linux driver to OES SP2 driver
store. Tried everything. Drove me crazy.

The solution I finally came up with is multi-step but it works. Do
this as root.


You can't upload the drivers in compressed form (.gz extension) so to
expand them all you run

for filename in /usr/share/cups/model/*.gz; do gunzip
/usr/share/cups/model/ "$filename";done

This expands all the zipped files in the driver directory.


Run the following to upload the drivers to the driver store:

for filename in /usr/share/cups/model/*.ppd; do iprntman driver linux
-upload -username admin -P novell -from-ppd

Obviously, you need to substitute your own username and password (-P
parameter). If you don't add the username and password, you'll be
prompted for them for each driver uploaded.

It's not pretty, but it'll get you there.