We could use some help. We want to move the iprint functionality (and
the user's files, but that is out of the scope of this forum) to a new
OES Linux server from the old OES Linux server (which will be taken out
of the tree and retired).

The SMCT does not seem to address Linux to Linux.

The OES iPrint Admin Guide for Linux has an entry:
Changing the eDirectory Server Assignment
If you need to change the eDirectoryTM server assignment for the Print
Manager or Driver Store, edit
the DSServer1= entry in the corresponding configuration file,
print_manager_name_ipsmd.conf or idsd.conf, located in /etc/opt/novell/
NOTE: Up to two additional servers can be specified using DSServer2 and
DSServer3. DSServer1
is considered the primary eDirectory server; DSServer2 and DSServer3 are
considered secondary

but does anyone know how to copy the driver store and the print driver
profiles (which I have lovingly crafted and want to keep) to the new server?

Also, I hear that I can point 2 print managers to the same printer
agents, but I am still working out the details. Any advice?

We have it assigned by DNS name (ie printer name: ISPrinter on iprint),
so changing what IP address that "iprint" DNS entry resolves to should
be easy, as we want to keep it transparent to the end users.