Cool - thanks. I think we're gonna go with a DAT72 Autoloader.

"Peter Clinch" <> wrote in message
> D. Bell wrote:
>> I just found this DAT 72GB autoloader - what do you think about this as a
>> solution?

> It's basically what we use, except we're back on DDS3 (24 rather than 72).
> The autoloader works fine with Backup Exec, which understands it and uses
> it fully. The nice thing is all your existing tapes and catalogues will
> be directly usable with the new system, which you basically plug in,
> reboot and BE will see it (though be aware you'll possibly have to fettle
> the SCSI BIOS to see multiple LUN devices properly, but once that's done
> it's done and it's quite easy as long as you realise it needs to be
> done!).
> What might be an issue is the degree to which the system throughput will
> allow you to get all your data onto tape in the overnight period. Do
> check that you'll be able to get everything through on time (which you
> should be able to verify easily enough with your existing drive, you'll
> only lose a couple of minutes as the system changes tapes). If not then
> you might need to look at media setups with faster transfer rates.
> HTH, Pete.
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