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Thread: nalwin32 not run

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    is@chiavazza.com NNTP User

    nalwin32 not run

    i have novell 6 service pack 5.
    On some workstation win2000 sp4 and on some worstation XP, i can't run
    Because appears this error:
    cannot find the file or one of the components....

    On the server i can't see the product zen!but on some workstation if i ran
    nalwin32 it's works! why?

    what can i do, please?
    is there something that i have forget to install?
    In this workstations i have novell 4.90 sp2. Must i use a novel client

    best regards monica

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    is@chiavazza.com NNTP User

    nalwin32 not run

    sorry i have mistake.
    i have select the wrong group.

    best regards monica

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