I've recently upgrade one of our 3 NW5.1SP7 servers to NW6.5SP3 and
upgraded to eDir 8.7.3 on the remaining NW5.1 servers.

Since the upgrade, something has gone wrong with the expiry date for user
passwords (NDS passwords).
When I setup new users (with uimport) the user template is supposed to set
the password expiry date to some date in the past
(1/1/2004), but instead, the expiry date is set to the current date + 365
days (I set the days between forced changes to 365 days).

If I create the user in nwadmin, the expiry date is correct (ie the date in
the template). Apart from this problem, the users seem to be set up
correctly by uimport.

I know uimport isn't supported anymore, but others seem to be using it
without this problem - has anyone else had this sort of trouble?

I'd like to get JRBUtils, but I don't know if the budget can stretch that
far at the momnent.