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Thread: Chinese files

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    sschmeinck@borgers-group.com NNTP User

    Chinese files


    We are having a chinese employee with a notebook with a lot of files with
    chinese characters on his local harddisk. If we want to copy these files to
    our NW 6.5 NSS volume, there is an error message like "Unicode character
    not available...". What do I have to do on Netware to work with these

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    Marcel Cox NNTP User

    Re: Chinese files

    > What do I have to do on Netware to work with these
    > files?


    Unicode support requires:

    On the server side:
    - NetWare 6.5 SP3 (or later)
    - NSS volumes
    - for CIFS access, you need to enable the unicode option int he CIFS
    configuration on the server

    On the client side:
    - if you use a Novell client, use client 4.91 or later. Furthermore,
    int he client, you have to enable UTF-8 support by going into the
    client properties, select the "advanaced settings" and enable the
    option "Use UTF8 encoding and NCPs".

    Marcel Cox (SysOp)

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