> Hi,
> in the templates in C1 there is a possibility to set User Space
> retrictions on a volume at creation of a user. Is something like this
> also possible for directory space restrictions, to set a restriction to
> the users home-directory? We now use the solution of putting all user-
> dirs on a seperate volume and apply user-space restrictions to that
> volume for each user.

I have an NLM which will detect the setting of the "Home Directory"
attribute, and can then perform a bunch of tasks such as creating the home
directory, setting rights, setting volume and directory quotas, creating
subdirs, etc - check makehome at

> Second question: Is there an easy way to list directories with or without
> directory space restrictions? For user space I saw that there is a nice
> feature, at least in iManager 2.5, that can list out all the owners of
> files on a certain volume and that way you can see if a user has a limit
> or not.

My getquota can do that.