On occassion our NetWare 6.5 sp2 servers will experience a high disk
load. Perc 4 cards with 320 drives. We will see the current disk
requests go to 500 and then under 100 but never 0 and keep bouncing.
Users will call and complain about reponses. We typically just reboot to
clear the error.
However yesterday we disconnected all connections except two, that would
not disconnect. A not logged in and a blank one that had a connection
time as long as the server had been up so I assume it was a server
thread. The disk was still getting pounded. So it seems a server process
was hogging the disk. Server threads were the most busy threads under
Is there a patch for this issue? Any way to track down what server
process is doing this and why? Have seen this on a few of our NetWare
6.5 sp2 servers but I don't think on any of the Netware 5.1's.
Would n65nss2b help?