I have 2 servers that we have recently upgraded from NW5.1 SP7 to NW6.5 SP3

The Insight Manager agents on one is working correctly but the other one is
complaining about not being able to read the SNMP strings. I have run
CPQAGIN and the working server says that the SNMP strings must be
configured via INETCFG. The complaining server gives the option to enter
the SNMP strings and then updates the AUTOEXEC.NCF with the LOAD
SNMP......... command.

Both of the servers have been configured via INETCFG. I have been
searching to try and find out how the Insight agents determine what the
community strings are but can't find anything apart from how to configure them

I have tried renaming the COMPAQ and CPQMGMT directories in SYS:\SYSTEM,
renaming all the CQPxx.cfg files in SYS:\SYSTEM and reinstalling the agents
and still have the same issue

Can anyone help me