I have a server that is a node on a cluster that if it has to be restarted you cannot map to it or access it from ADREM remote console, etc., until you run dsrepair.

The server doesn't have a partition of the EDIR tree, and dsrepair returns 0 errors. But you run it and BAM everything is fine.

The NetWare License Server Trap doesn't release modules is the only thing I've seen that is slightly unusual.

Anyone have this problem? Better yet, a solution to this problem?

It's not a huge hairy screaming deal, but still causes problems since restarts and ABEND are so far in between that I forget about running the dsrepair and have to run back down to the server room to do it, since I can't access it remotely or via the web tools. And it's just weird and I'm afraid a symptom of something greater lurking.