Hello all,

I have a problem with user space quotas on a NW 6.5 SP3 volume (NSS
3.22), To set up the quotas I followed the instructions in the
documentation about 'Managing User Space Quotas'. At first setting the
User Space Attribute for an NSS volume, with Imanager, and then
Configuring User Space Quotas for a test user. The user space quota for
this test user was set to 2Mb.

After logging in as test user (XP prof, Client 4.90 SP2) the properties of
the home-dir of this test user shows the right information, 2Mb available,
0Mb used. So far so good.

But the trouble starts when I copy files, which in total are more then 2Mb
to the homedir, it seems that the copy is successful, thereís no Netware
warning about exceeding Quota, but when you check the files on the homedir
thereís something wrong, some of the files are empty, the filename and
filesize are correct, but thereís nothing in the file.

For example: If I copy 20 pictures, of 1 Mb each, to the homedir all files
will be copied, but only 2 pictures are ok, the other 18 pictures are
empty. The filename and size is correct, but they are empty and connot be

Question: Is there anyone with the some problem, or does anyone have an
idea for a solution of this problem?

Thanks in advantage for an answer,
Dick Lammers
The Netherlands