I realize that "can't clear connections" shows up in lists from time to
time, but I haven't found one on this list going back about a month.

This is a NW 6.0 SP5 server. Since we run Sophos, we have an eDirectory
user called sweepupd. This user authenticates to the tree to update the
virus definition files. This morning I discovered that this user ha been
connected since yesterday morning from one workstation and was holding many
files open. Usually I can just clear the connection to fix this kind of
thing, but today I can't clear this connection from within Monitor. I
dismount the volume and re-mount it and that releases the open files, but I
still can't clear the connection.

So I start NoRM and go to Connections. I scroll down to the culprit and
select Clear Connection. Nothing happens.

But wait! I check monitor and find that the connection is no longer there!
So I re-start my browser and run NoRM again. The connection is still there
so I click on it. It looks like a normal connection except that there is an
"Other info" line that says that the connection is "being aborted" (this is
about 20 - 30 minutes after "clearing" it). Right now, (about 5 minutes
later) it says "Logout in progress".

If I right-click the BRN, select NetWare Utilities|Send Message|To Users, I
can find this connection as if it were still active.

So. Who's right -- Monitor or NoRM?

BTW, I just checked with NoRM again and the Other Info says "Internal Login
MAC Workstation Being Aborted". This is taking a long time.

Richard White CNE6