Yet another ConsoleOne debacle...sigh...

Have two NW65 servers, three NW51. Two of the NW51 are NDPS print servers. When my printers hung, I *used* to go into NWADMIN, bring up the details on the printer, clear the print jobs, restart the device, and all was good. Sometimes I had to shut down and restart the printer at the server. The point is, using nwadmin, I could clear out the 147 print jobs that had been sent while the printer was hosed.

Since the u/g of two of my servers to NW65, I now see (?) as the icons for those printers in NWADMIN, and now properties come up. I go into ConsoleOne, and I can bring up the details, but there is nowhere to clear out print jobs. Surely this has to be available *somehow*????

Thanks for any assistance,