We've just upgraded from NW 5.1 to NW 6.5. Under NW 5.1 we never set up
the certificates for servers so RconJ only was ever used in Unsecured
mode. Now with NW 6.5 we are setting up the certificates so we can use
RconJ in Secured mode. When we connect to a server through RconJ in
secured mode, we are prompted to accept an untrusted certificate. If we
accept the certificate then it works fine. My question is about
accepting the certificate. There are two options, "Accept this
certificate for this session" and "Accept this certificate until it
expires". The "until it expires" option is grayed out and can not be

It would be nice to be able to accept until it expires so we don't have
to accept this certificte every single time we connect to a server. The
screen that we have to click OK to accept on clearly shows an expiration
date that is several years in the future.

Is there something we need to do to enable the "until it expires" option,
or is that just not possible with RconJ for some reason?

Thank you.