Hi everyone,

First about cleaning Obituaries as per Novell tid 10062149 can we run
this on live environment or is it only after hour’s cleanup.
We have multiple Netware 6 environments which we have been upgrading to
Netware 6.5
E-dir from 8.602 to 8.735
On one of the servers we have used the migration Wizard 8 to go from 6
to 6.5 on new hardware. It went well but when I looked through the logs
in the MW8 I have found this error “IsDSGone X0 - ' occurred attempting
to remove NDS from server 'VEGA'. But when I look at the log it is
And when running disrepair I get ERROR: Parent object with class:
"Could not read Name" is not a valid container
to ID: 0000800A . Used set dstrace=*b but the error is still there.
Always for the same object is it a cosmetic error?

Thanks Milan