Greetings all,

I have a few questions about the Network Trash Folder. I am running NetWare
6.5 w/sp2 (soon sp3).
I have AFP running for the MAC users. Each server has SYS and 1 data
volume. In a couple of days/weeks I will be creating 15,000 accounts for
our students and I am worried about them finding the Trash folder and
filling up SYS.

I can not seem to be able to set a quota on the folder.

1. Can the Trash folder be remove without removing AFP?
2. Since ROOT has full access and if #1 can not be can I take
away rights to the Trash folder?
3. If 1 and 2 won't work....can I add an OU "where the students accounts
will be" and take away the rights at that level?
4. Is it possible to remove the MAC namespace from the SYS volume leaving
it on the data volume with AFP still running?
5. I am out of ideas.....any ideas will be much appreciated.