I'm having a problem with users created with uimport that I am not having
when I create users from the same user template with consoleOne.

The users seem (from everything I've looked at) to be the same except that
users created via uimport cannot map (via login scripts) or access a volume
on a seperate server that is in the same container.

They can access sys and _admin volumes on this server, but I get an error
dialog when I try to view the contents of either of the volumes that I
created on this server. It's very possible that the error is in how I
created the volumes, and not the users. But all users created with
consoleOne can see all volumes (permissions permitting).

No matter how I create the users they only recieve rights via the groups
they belong to.

I realize that uimport is not supported, and that I could use ICE to create
these users (360 student accounts). But I can not find
instructions/examples of how to do just that.

Anyone know what I need to change so that these uimport users can access
the other volumes on this server?

Lloyd Sommerer