Okay, this is really an open-ended question, but I need some help with
this. Our firm's current configuration is 2 NW6.5 servers (they both
run SBS), one that is our primary file server (and is frequently
accessed by our document management database which resides on a Win2k
server) and runs the GWPOA and GWMTA as well as BackupEXEC. The other
server primarily replicates NDS and runs the GWIA and Webaccess.

Both servers are pretty powerful machines, and right now I have a
single point of failure for our Document Management software. If
server 1 goes down, clients can stay logged in (because of server 2)
but they can't access any of their files until server 1 is running

Is there a way to create some redundancy through replication of data
between the two servers in order to remedy my single point of failure
issue? If so, is it worth it, and what does it entail to set this up?

Thanks for any and all help/advice. It is really appreciated!