I'm not sure if I have the right forum here since the problem is Java
apparently, but it is related to the server GUI and iManager ...

I was setting up a VPN on a NW6SP5 machine with BM3.8SP4 running. In
order to set up the VPN I needed the iManager plugin for BM. This needed
iManager 2 (I was still running iM 1.x and that in turn needed Java
1.4x. which I installed from the BM3.8 CD. Install went fine, no issues,
but now when I run STARTX, the GUI starts to load and dies (no messages,
either in logger or console) and the server dies. On boot up, if I try
and load the GUI, the server dies (hangs) on the next NLM to load after
trying to start the GUI.

Any suggestions on what might be happening here and what to do about it?


Ken McLeod
The Delphian School