OS:- NW 6.5 sp1 and NW 5 sp6 and NW 5.1 SP2
DIR:- Edir 8.7.3
Objects:- Around 5K

_We are in the process of cleaning up NDS.
_Renamed couple of hundred accounts few days ago.
_Depending upon which server you are connected to while running NWadmin,
some of these accounts still show up as previous names
_At the same time, if you are connected to a different server and run
NWadmin, so will see these accounts as new names.

_If you click first time on these ids (while they show up as old names)
you will get this message:
Object xxx was not found. It has either been deleted, or a rename, move or
create operation on it is not complete or has not been synchronized across
all necessary replicas.

If you click it again, you can see the object's properties.

Need help!