Hi Everyone,

I think I've just kill my Netware 6 server, and soon my boss will kill
How I do that?....
For few weeks one of my mirror disk was dead, so I extract it, get a
replacement one and in the mean time my server complained from time to time
that "The mirrored objects on this system are not all synchronized".
Now I have the new disk, put it in the server and because the remaining
disk was showing "100% mirrored" without adding this replaced disk "in the
mirror" I thought is a good ideea first "Remove This Partition From the
Mirror Group" in the Internet Explorer manager.
After an error message that said something was caused an error on my
pool the entire pool dissapeared along the 2 volumes that was on it. Server
is still functional with the SYS volume and another pools/volumes but one
pool with 2 volumes are missing.

There is a way to recover this pool with this 2 volumes or I have to
recreate them and restore (partial) data because I didn't have a full

Unfortunately I'm not so good at NW6, I just managed to install it and
run the server having a NW4 background, so if anyone can help please be as
detailed as possible.

Thanks in advance!