Setting user passwords using LDAP no longer works. The thing is, I
don't get any errors when I do set passwords in LDAP. The system thinks
it is working and returns a success code.

We have a Perl script we've used for years to do this. Here is the code
of it that actually sets the password:

$mesg = $ldap->modify($dn,
replace => {'userPassword' => $pass }
if ($mesg->code) {
print "ERROR: Password for $user was NOT set. " . $mesg->error . "\n";
exit 0;
print "Successfully set password for user $user to $pass.\n";

I'm no newbie to LDAP. I am correctly determining the DN, and have
turned on LDAP debugging even. The Novell LDAP server is returning a
success code.

Yet when I immediately (or 5 mins later or the next day or ...) try to
authenticate to LDAP, it still takes my old password. I have also
checked the synchronization status of the servers, and everything is
copacetic. Time and replicas are all in synch. I've run dsrepair and
fixed the few minor errors encountered. Still, the new password that it
supposedly successfuly set doesn't work even though it gets a success
return code.

I know NW 6.5 introduced some new things (for us anyway) such as a
"Universal Password" and a "Simple Password." So I have a hunch that
the LDAP script just isn't setting the correct 'password' field anymore.
But I can't find any other password type field to set. Or maybe you
just can't set passwords using LDAP anymore?

Thanks for any suggestions,