A few days ago we rebooted our NetWare 6.0 server and found the following
message upon boot-up:

"Slot 1 COMPAQ Smart Array 3200 Controller (Rev A, v3.06)
1 Logical Drive 1786-Slot 1 Drive Array Recovery Needed
The following SCSI drive(s) need Automatic Data Recovery (Rebuild):

F1 to continue with recovery...
F2 to continue without recovery..."

I of course opted to continue with recovery. I later received the
following message after having loaded up NetWare:

"CPQArray: The Compaq Smart 3200 Slot 1 Disk 2 DDG
device has completed rebuilding the data on the
new drive replacing the previously failed drive."

This is the second time I've received an error message like this in the
last month. Should I look to purchase new hard-drives? My main concern is
the integrity of our data.

If I do replace our hard-drives, how should I go about doing it? Just swap
and replace one at a time, each time letting the automatic recovery process
do its thing? Or would that not work with hard-drives of different sizes?
How can I check what kind of hard-drive setup we have? I believe we
currently have 30 GB drives. Would it be wrong to assume we can just go
out and purchase new 100 GB drives, say, if we wanted to upgrade while
we're at it? I'm assuming I can swap out a drive and run to the local
computer store to show them what we'd need.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. I have hardware experience,
but am not as familiar with multiple hard-drive server setups. Thanks!

- Matt.