I have a Novell 6.5 server running the FTP software. (Hopefully I have
the correct forum for an FTP question).

I do not want the FTP users to be mapped to a remote HOME directory, so I
have turned off that option in the CFG file.

I have created the directory VOL1:\FTPDATA, and this is where I want the
FTP users to go to when they login.

I have this working, but the logged in user is able to use the 'CD ..' to
navigate to higher up directories. For example, from VOL1:\FTPDATA, a
CD.. takes you to VOL1:, another CD .. takes you to the top server level
with a list of SYS, VOL1, and VOL2. A 'cd SYS' takes you to a listing of
SYS:\JAVA, LOGIN, PUBLIC, etc. I realize these are directories
with 'Public' access, but I don't want a user to be able to get to those
location via FTP.

My question. How do I keep an FTP user from navigating up the directory
structure ? I don't want them to be able to move up the directories and
out of the FTPDATA directory. I want the FTPDATA directory to be the root