Hi Folks,

I have a replica of one of my partitions called "NNDC". On the master replica server, the replica servers appear correct (I have it on three servers). On another server ("problem server" I'll call it) on the same lan, the NNDC replica appears, and it thinks it is a R/W of the partition. The usual DS repairs, replica syncs didn't work. I did the dsrepair -a and removed the replica on problem server. Then I did dsrepair full on problem server and it decided to add it back to itself. So then I merged the partition, did full dsrepairs on correct servers and problem server. Also forced the sync and limber processes. I let this sit for a number of hours. Then I recreated the NNDC replica, put it on the same three "correct" servers. I look at problem server and it's back again!

The "problem" server has a number of other replicas withou this issue, isn't complaining about DS at all. Any suggestions on how to get this fixed? I don't want to use the xk switches, since this is a large file and print production server.