Here is the scenario,
User workstations have old versions of Client32 installed,
MicrosoftOffice97 and logging into Netware 5.1 servers.

We migrate the users home directories off 5.1 server to 6.5 server, all
rights are correct. We upgrade Client32 to 4.91 version.

After logging into new 6.5 server users try accessing documents through
Word97 and get messages that invalid document name. We try going through
explorer and open the document that way and word will open the document
but if they try to make changes and save the document they get messages
indicate rights are incorrect or invalid path.

I have upgraded the version of Office to 2000 and then everything works.
However this is not a good option for us, we have 1000 users to migrate
off old 5.1 servers to 6.5 and we can't upgrade everyone's office product.

And of course it was working fine until we changed the server so.... you
know the drill it's a Novell issue.