NetWare 6.5 SP3 only
Pure IP

Timesync method

One secondary timesync server refuses to sync, no matter how...
All servers running TIMESYNC.NLM according to best practice:
One NTP Reference, two Primary having the Reference as timesource,
and the rest as Secondary having Primary as sorce...

This has worked well for a long time, but now one server suddenly refuses to
no matter how timesync i configured on the server.
When restarting or resetting the timesync, the timesync debug screen shows
one single
poll syncing ok, then after some 5-10 seconds, it reports:
"Time source not in sync, discarding the packet"
Boot does not help either.
Both timesync and slp config are verified correctly configured.

To try a new tweak, I intend to use the XNTPD.NLM instead of TIMESYNC.NLM.
Can XNTPD.NLM run in the culprit server only, or must all servers run the
timesync module?

In other words, must all the servers run either XNTPD.NLM or TIMESYNC.NLM,
or can these NLM's run mixed amongst the servers?