I have an unruly module (save.nlm from Legato NetWorker, v7.2) that on
occasion fails to unload itself. If I try to unload it manually by typing
'unload save.nlm' at the console prompt it hangs the console prompt and
sucks up all available cpu cycles...forcing a hard reboot on the server.

I would like to try using the bash shell 'kill -9' command. It requires a
process id (pid) as a parameter. Yet I can find no documentation that
explains how to obtain the process ID of a given nlm. So if any of you
have the answer to that question I would be eternally grateful - or at
least grateful until the next brainstomper comes along :-)

BTW I am running OES/NetWare v6.5sp4


Ron Neilly
Network Services Coordinator
Okanagan College

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